Child Support, Unmarried Parent

Can I put child support on myself even if I’m not married? Yes, you can for free go to the Texas attorney general and sign yourself up for child support or sign up the other parent to pay child support. Realize that the Texas Attorney General represents the child or children not you and your interest at all.

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Get Divorced in Texas

Do I have to have been married in this state or country to get divorced in Texas? NO, you can still get divorced here no matter where you married, although you must establish you are a resident of Texas for at least 6 months preceding the filing of the petition.

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Traffic Tickets

If I get a traffic ticket should I just pay it? NO, some tickets wont effect your record but most will at the very least add points to your driving record and therefore raise your insurance rates for you vehicle. Further some offense result in immediate surcharges ($ you have to pay to DPS) or trigger immediate suspensions. You should always consult an attorney before just sending in a fine.

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Traffic Stops

Don’t drive dirty!!! 90% of my clients end up in trouble because they are driving “intoxicated’ with a suspended license or with marijuana. Remember if your car is titled to you then the police can see if you have a suspended license and that gives them PC or probable cause to pull you over. Don’t talk to the police!!! Of course you have to answer basic questions under most circumstances but if a police is questioning you they are usually trying to get more info [...]

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